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Leaves of Grass – Tim Blake Nelson

“Leaves of Grass” is a philosophical cocktail poured on the never-changing, cruel and instinct-linked human nature. It is an antic story following an itinerary that has its major stops at Raise Above Your Condition, Inevitable Fate, Downfall and the last stop at Apatheia. The movie has a Bros. Coen feeling; the absurdities, the hilarious coincidences, the story from the heart of America with small, petty people committing outrageous crimes, and with a few characters who have the possibilities to rise above but fail to do it, all ring Coenish bells.

The movie’s plot offers welcomed surprises and a few good laughs too. The story is simple and cruel yet it is wrapped in many references to antic philosophy; one could feel pretty overwhelmed by the amount of information. My advice is to relax and only chew on the philosophical statements related to the plotline. Hah! They’re all related to the plotline! Ok, just relax if you don’t know what the heck the characters are talking about and enjoy the first level of those great references and quotations. Weed should help.

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