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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Part 1

Where’s the fun, guys? Where is all the magic, fairylike and scary stuff we’ve been spoiled with before? Two hours we’re waiting for the Harry Potter fun and delight, and it never comes.

The conflict is there, it is said that it is more dangerous than ever but it is not felt like that. The flavor we’re used to, that combines the thrills of the wicked magic and suspense is gone. We’re put on a totally different track here, the boringly serious one, the slow-paced one and the spice less one.

Is it wrong to have it done so differently or is this change of style and rhythm is meant to ensure the thoroughly understanding of the magnitude of the last battle that will begin between Valdemort and Harry Potter? We will have the answer in a half a year or so. But until then we have the dullest part of all the Harry Potter series.

Analyzing it without considering that it is the first part of the grand finale it comes out unexpectedly uninventive. Analyzing it considering that it is the first part of the grand finale, it comes out unexpectedly uninventive and it makes you cry out “I hope part two is fun!!!!!”

We are served a burdensome tone that’s ineffective. Somehow Potter’s big drama does not come through to grasp our empathy, as it happened before, while we are having tons of fun. Now we have no fun and we have not much to empathize with either.

We now know all the characters, their powers, we are familiar with the most extraordinary magic and we are offered some new tricks. Not as many and as wicked as before. We know Harry Potter and his friends, they’re all learned the art of magic, not much surprises them, they’re familiar with all the tricks and they have a big responsibility so they’re very serious, very, very serious. Familiarity and seriousness shouldn’t be boring and it is not that boring, even though the actors’ performances are poor.

Actually, the atmosphere is boring. Not much is happening in two hours that seem three. In this case the atmosphere is not improving due to all the non-action. That’s a recipe that works in different types of cinema genres, handled by directors and screenwriters from another league. That’s an out of line statement, sorry but Harry Potter is a playground that worked so brilliantly before, it is sad to get bored on a playground isn’t it? It is frustrating.

The story is too loose and that’s very weird considering that the book it is based on has 700 pages and they had to split it in two so we won’t miss too much. We did not gain much, certainly not entertainment, which all the previous parts guaranteed and delivered. That is why I question the necessity of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, part 1. It is not entertaining.

It smells like a commercial stunt and that smells bad. But maybe it is an honest try to tell the whole story that unfortunately goes flat just before the fat lady sings. If it is so, then why not just let the fat lady sing and get it over with in style?

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