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Io sono l’amore – Luca Guadagnino

I think I saw a masterpiece! I did, I did!

Io sono l’amore is a story about losing and finding one’s self through love and death. Tilda Swinton is part of a rich Italian family, she is Russian and her efforts to blend in seem to have worked when the story starts. She gave up her Russian name, religion, identity and became an Italian woman, a perfect wife and hostess.

Depicting the life of a wealthy Italian family the atmosphere is cold and up-tight. But there is a sense of equilibrium; all characters seem at ease in normal parameters. But passionate love comes knocking on the back door of high-society and its etiquette. Love brought some cookies and all the hidden and forgotten identities have a sweet tooth.

Passion and lust soon burst through the screen and it is due to perfect shots and editing. Tilda Swinton’s skin, ankle, elbow are burning with desire in eager close-ups.

Who is this Love that so proudly claims his/her presence in the title? We cannot see Love but we can feel an energy that haunts Milano’s industrial skyline, the Recchi’s fancy dinner parties and the outskirts of San Remo where bugs, grass and the burning sun assist love’s welcomed aggression. Sometimes we feel the presence in its absence because image offers a bountiful platter of emotions; a perfect job done by cinematographer Yorick Le Saux and editor Walter Fasano.

Love hides behind the camera, in the flutter of the expensive or rugged clothing, in the amazing food of a genius cook. Food and taste play an important role in freeing passion and there are plenty of shots with food. I even dreamt about ukha, the Russian fish soup.

But next to love Love hides Death, they’re in amorous embrace.
Death frees love and love frees death yet entrapping each other in earth’s womb, the grave; a grand finale!

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