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Junk, out!

C’mon chums, let’s make it a new year’s resolution to stay away from junk entertainment. All the easy reachable thrills and kicks we can get from it we can find in real entertainment and arts. We don’t need to read the critics’ and historians’ books to enjoy valuable literature, music, cinema, painting, sculpture, architecture. We need to read those books in case we are so puzzled by the big delight that we feel the need for guidance.

All we need to do, actually, is to expose ourselves to value. Feed our eyes and ears with it and they will eventually learn to make the difference between junk and art. We just have to look around and further than we’re used to and treasures will pop up. We should never stop questioning our good taste, we should never settle for what we’re used to. Not in entertainment and while we’re at it, we should also stay away from junk food and junk people.

Junk entertainment, junk food and junk people are a waste of time and time is what we don’t have. Time, the only thing we’re really short on.

We are exposed to junk, we’re infested with it. It takes an effort to avoid the spread of the infection and to cure the infection. Junk entertainment, junk food and junk people – here’s the trinity that numbs the brain, the body and the soul. It renders us lazy.

It is stupid and pathetic to get lazy when it comes to enjoying what’s beautiful, healthy and good, isn’t it? That’s what junk does, numbs us and makes us too lazy to seek and enjoy the real McCoy in everything.

So, let’s do our daily brain and soul push-ups, find out what’s really entertaining, beautiful, healthy and good then take a hedonistic dive in it.

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