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Pirates of the Caribbean-On Stranger Tides – Rob Marshall

How can you fall asleep in the middle of the greatest adventures at sea of the hippest pirates of the decade? How is it possible to check your watch while they’re trying honestly to be funny, cool, sexy and/or fierce? How can you yawn at Penélope Cruz and talk about the junk food you’re eating while Johnny Depp is delivering a line? I cannot imagine how. I saw these happening in the theatre and I couldn’t believe my eyes but watching the viewers not the movie means that something must be wrong.

The producers of the fourth tale of the pirate saga have mastered see-through answers for all these questions few thought would emerge. On Stranger Tides is the boring pirate’s ghost of the previous parts due to some sort of laziness of those responsible with the scenario, dialogue and exploitation of pirate myths.

Finally the cast is perfect; Penélope Cruz is an extraordinary asset to the crew offering a great opportunity to heighten the overall charisma of the ambiance. Not to mention the expectations regarding the Depp-Cruz duet. She seems to be a perfect partner in comedy and chemistry for Depp and is far more entertaining than narrow acting scaled Keira Knightley. Unfortunately Cruz’s character is not negative enough nor positive enough, not funny enough nor serious enough and the interaction with Depp is disappointing. Therefore not much has improved; at least Knightley’s character had precise contour and aim.

Johnny Depp seems trapped in one of his most charismatic characters due to the fact that this time Jack Sparrow is only an overconfident sketch of THE Jack Sparrow. It seems like, for the producers, was enough only to quote the character’s aura to cash in on fans’ big expectations. There is simply not enough valuable material in the scenario to give room for the characters to truly unfold.

The dialogue is dull and often the jokes are pointless. They too are only quoting the good old times’ wit and sarcasm.
We have new sea creatures, the sirens. These are fun to watch. But, as a new element, they’re not enough to compensate all the things that only run at half-speed, vaguely recalling the humor, adventures and thrills of the previous parts.

Probably an intimation of Jack Sparrow seemed enough. Probably to only show off Penélope Cruz and to ornate with grandiloquent music predictable and poorly choreographed fights seemed enough? The musical score tries its best to boost our enthusiasm and make us feel the fun that isn’t really there.

It seems like feeding on memories does not really work, not for sequels, not for good sequels. Probably the first weeks after the première are a source of satisfaction for all those financially involved, but I am sure that On Stranger Tides it will go down in history as the dullest part of the Caribbean saga. Up until now.

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