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Machete – Ethan Maniquis and Roberto Rodriguez

My recommendation is to stay away from it; it is a B movie from the ´80s produced in 2010 with no twist to contemporary smart. It is all in there, all that it should be, without Chuck Norris but with Steven Seagal, Jessica Alba, Don Johnson. Juicy isn’t it? We also have Robert de Niro, always landing on his feet.

The directors, Ethan Maniquis and Roberto Rodriguez, prove to know all it takes to make a genuine bad movie from the ´80s, with the rampaging possibilities of this century. I am pretty sure the directors intended it to be a satire, but the result is too dirty-stupid to launch the arrows and hit a serious target as illegal immigration is or any other stupid target. And the laughs, well, I had none, I was only wondering: WHY?

Being nostalgic on stupid B movies it takes a Tarantino to make it worthwhile. Roberto Rodriguez has talent and he is familiar with parody and satire, still this one is a flat, stupid movie.

Maniquis’ and Rodriguez’s latest reminded me of the young generation of the ex-communist countries who find communist relics cool and they find them even more valuable if granny’s eyes get moist seeing those relics and sighs: “Oh, it was much better those days!”.

There is nothing valuable in sheer imitation, and surely there is nothing valuable reiterating bad movies, bad times. Not this way.

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