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Mother – Boong Joon Ho

We are in for another South Korean treat. This time we are delighted with an extraordinary performance of actress Kim Hye Ja. She is playing a magnificently constructed role of a mother trying to prove the innocence of her mentally disabled son. The horror-comedy develops gradually, never losing the element of surprise, but surprises do not come as shocking revelations, they emerge slowly as a giant monster’s head.

The style of the storytelling balances the style of the cinematography. The cinematographer, Hong Kyung Pyo, leads all his shots smoothly through blue and all shades of its orange complementary even in the most tensioned scenes. Few other colors are used; sometimes green appears and the scenes get tensioned and the mother is always in purple or deep red, red as dried blood. It is an excellent choice of colors. In this case we have the luck to enjoy a choice of style and form that empowers the story and gives joy to the eye.

In my opinion “Mother” has it’s excellence in Kim Hye Ja performance, the cinematography and the ending scene. Don’t miss it.

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