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“Mi ricordo, si, io mi ricordo”

Dear Cinema, It has been a really long time since you scratched my itch. The past six-seven months my itches were itching very much beyond your possibilities to scratch ’em. Now my itching is yours to scratch again. End itch theme!!!!

The truth is I ran out of words and reasons to write about you and I don’t even have a reason for this. Do you think reading too much of Albert Camus lately has anything to do with it?

First let me tell you about a painting because this made me grab the pen again. There is a painting in Canada I bumped into accidentally. Right at the first glance I felt that usual yet unfamiliar shock when I could feel the galloping synapses connecting, the endorphins producing, the mechanism of pleasure awakening. The sensation was increased by the last synapse that connected me to a movie. Of course, when something you instantly fall in love with reminds you of something else you love is the most common and perverted of all pleasures. Nevertheless is a pleasure worth to remember.

There is a scene in Amarcord by Fellini when the whole village sails out to sea, on little boats, at night, to get a glimpse of a majestic cruise ship. When the ship arrives the poor villagers are so happy and awestruck they’re actually feeling like taking part of the extravagant life on the deck.

Fellini shoots the scene allowing the big body of the ship to take over the screen. What’s left free is filled with a little night sky and the mesmerized, enthusiastic villagers.

Now, seeing this little painting made me feel like I believe those characters might have felt seeing SS REX. I perceived this painted ship detail with all my senses. Thank you, painter!


The art of painting using a still, flat, colored image to catch the attention of our brain, can produce a more memorable effect then the movies. Movies are desperately trying to impress us with 3D, 4D, amazing sound effects, odors and kinetic theater chairs. I fully understand now the big disappointment some have felt when the movies started talking or when colors invaded the silver screen. The receiver’s imagination was gradually put to rest.

But, I know, being a king and a beggar belonging both in an art gallery and an amusement park is your main and most fascinating feature. Even though lately you failed to rapture me don’t get me wrong Cinema, I still love you more than I love your closest rival, Theatre. And there were some good moments between us this months too. About those, some other time.


Where have all the flowers gone Lili Marlene?

Sarajevo, 28th of June 1914, Gavrilo Princip fulfills his destiny. He was the banana peel the 20th century slipped on, the most slippery trap the self-absorbed and arrogant 19th could have ever produce in its putrid and negligent superiority. What an awkward fall it was the 20th desperately trying to regain balance hanging on to the 21st. Ridiculous death dance. Meanwhile the tenant at no. 12 Spielgasse, Zürich, Volodya Ulianov (Lenin), got really drunk on Marx and Dada just down the street at Caffe Voltaire and perfected the fall to a domino effect. He said “of all the arts, for us the cinema is the most important”. That can still sound really appealing to cinema lovers and cineastes. He knew what a reality-distorting, illusion-feeding medium cinema can be. That it can serve politics the way biblia paupera served religion; emotionally dominating the masses, feeding fear, annihilating reason. Cinema gained its formal independence and identity in the bloody mires of last century’s wars and totalitarian regimes but it’s content was suffocated by political propaganda. Lev Kulesov, Vsevolod Pudovkin, Sergei Eisenstein and Leni Riefenstahl were slaves in the mire feeling like heroes. Everybody, just hang on tight to freedom, reason, and memory!

Inception – Christopher Nolan

Para Jorje :*

Here I am writing for the first time about a blockbuster, a major Hollywood production. . I write easier about movies nobody sees. Who can tell you’re writing bullshit?

Why was I feeling superior buying my ticket in the middle of the night? Oh, the European blazé cinemagoer went to see this picture with eyebrows already risen, because… I don’t know why, because I always expect the worst when it comes to movies, ideas, feelings hailed too loudly.

Well, my eyebrows did not change their position for almost an hour. They changed attitude though. I was mesmerized. I was sucked into the story with brains and heart and stomach altogether.
Here is a story developing on multiple layers for multiple levels of understanding, wrapped, of course in an extraordinary setting, visual effects and mad rhythm.

Sounds like any other blockbuster, doesn’t it?

Having multiple levels of understanding we also have multiple levels of perception and this is the recipe for not just another blockbuster.

This movie could have looked any other way, though. They could have done it in black and white, frozen Bergman style, or it could have been western spaghetti style, or teenage vampire story style. The idea of the screenplay would have still nailed you to the chair opening a gap between your life watching this film and your life you left outside the cinema. I have to say, though, the style is perfect, both image and directing, even when events go faster than your capacity to understand what you see. Just like in a dream.

What the f… is the difference between reality and dream? A simple question with a frustration mark. And the answers for it occupy billions of pages written by philosophers gone mad or not. It is much more fun though dealing with the problem in the cinema than reading a heavy book about it. We all know that and I think we all recognize that. Why shouldn’t we treat the simple, impossible, bitchy issues with a thrill and then forget about them, leaving them melting on a white silver screen. We have the feeling for a while as if we have understood, overcome major secrets. Then we know we didn’t because they strike back. Then we run for our next shot of escapism through movies, drugs, books, illusionary feelings.

We have in Inception tones of ideas about dream within a dream and reality and the relation between the two, and how minds can be lost between these two realms.

Cinema once again proves to be closest to life than all art forms and on the same level with a narcotic illusion. And so are dreams.

I said I was fascinated by this story for an hour or so. What happened? It was like being woken up while dreaming. There is short sequence that snapped me out of dreaming this film. I consider it a flaw in the script, but maybe it was an intended slap I needed to wake up and start watching the film. I might have lost my mind otherwise. Yet I guess it was an error, because every step of the story we are informed thoroughly about what and how it is happening, but that sequence is somehow outside the logic of the story. I’ll tell you in private, if you want to, I don’t want to have a spoiler in this article. Anyway it didn’t spoil the fun enjoying the movie.

Inception is about what cinema is about: You dream the dream I want you to dream.

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