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Inception – Christopher Nolan

Para Jorje :*

Here I am writing for the first time about a blockbuster, a major Hollywood production. . I write easier about movies nobody sees. Who can tell you’re writing bullshit?

Why was I feeling superior buying my ticket in the middle of the night? Oh, the European blazé cinemagoer went to see this picture with eyebrows already risen, because… I don’t know why, because I always expect the worst when it comes to movies, ideas, feelings hailed too loudly.

Well, my eyebrows did not change their position for almost an hour. They changed attitude though. I was mesmerized. I was sucked into the story with brains and heart and stomach altogether.
Here is a story developing on multiple layers for multiple levels of understanding, wrapped, of course in an extraordinary setting, visual effects and mad rhythm.

Sounds like any other blockbuster, doesn’t it?

Having multiple levels of understanding we also have multiple levels of perception and this is the recipe for not just another blockbuster.

This movie could have looked any other way, though. They could have done it in black and white, frozen Bergman style, or it could have been western spaghetti style, or teenage vampire story style. The idea of the screenplay would have still nailed you to the chair opening a gap between your life watching this film and your life you left outside the cinema. I have to say, though, the style is perfect, both image and directing, even when events go faster than your capacity to understand what you see. Just like in a dream.

What the f… is the difference between reality and dream? A simple question with a frustration mark. And the answers for it occupy billions of pages written by philosophers gone mad or not. It is much more fun though dealing with the problem in the cinema than reading a heavy book about it. We all know that and I think we all recognize that. Why shouldn’t we treat the simple, impossible, bitchy issues with a thrill and then forget about them, leaving them melting on a white silver screen. We have the feeling for a while as if we have understood, overcome major secrets. Then we know we didn’t because they strike back. Then we run for our next shot of escapism through movies, drugs, books, illusionary feelings.

We have in Inception tones of ideas about dream within a dream and reality and the relation between the two, and how minds can be lost between these two realms.

Cinema once again proves to be closest to life than all art forms and on the same level with a narcotic illusion. And so are dreams.

I said I was fascinated by this story for an hour or so. What happened? It was like being woken up while dreaming. There is short sequence that snapped me out of dreaming this film. I consider it a flaw in the script, but maybe it was an intended slap I needed to wake up and start watching the film. I might have lost my mind otherwise. Yet I guess it was an error, because every step of the story we are informed thoroughly about what and how it is happening, but that sequence is somehow outside the logic of the story. I’ll tell you in private, if you want to, I don’t want to have a spoiler in this article. Anyway it didn’t spoil the fun enjoying the movie.

Inception is about what cinema is about: You dream the dream I want you to dream.

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