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Lamplight – Lámpafény#5

Ágnes Nemes Nagy: The Thirst/A Szomj

How to put it? The words cannot find my lips:
what thirst for you, plaguing me, is this?
If my body was a carnivorous flower,
falling for my scent, you’d be devoured.
It could be mine your dark and lukewarm skin,
your delicate hand you use for self-protecting
which in every crashing last minute
says it: even so, I haven’t changed a bit.
your arm bending over my arm is mine,
your hair’s glittering, dark plume is mine
and glides with me, glides like a wing
in rocking landscape, eternal, twinkling.
I would drink in your melting meat
that’s like the tropics, thick and sweet,
and your flavour’s thrilling pizzazz
that’s like ancient sage and puzzlegrass.
And your wavy soul I’ll take it all in
(it’s like a lamp over your head hovering)
I’ll take you all in greedily, insatiably
If my body was a carnivorous flower.
-But this? What else is there? I can never rest.
You love me, I love you. How hopeless.

Lamplight/Lámpafény #4

Lajos Kassák: Herald!/Üzenj

Come on, let’s talk come on, let’s talk
You and Me
come on, let’s talk not with sharp-edged rough but with soft
rounded words
the way we learned from lovers
almost indistinctly
the way oak leaves talk with each other.

Tell me something beautiful
so that I can tell You something beautiful.
Talk to my eyes
to my forehead
straightly to my heart
You talk to Me
and I talk to You.
From the shores of a dream, herald!
with the laughter of a newborn [herald!]
with the waves of sea [herald!]
with playful dolphins [herald!]
with the clang of bells [herald!]
with an eagle
as it floats in the blue sky. [herald!]

My little one
my imagined birdie.
You and Me
let’s talk about the world
in which we wander
never finding each other.

Lamplight/Lámpafény – #3

Attila József: To sit, to stand, to kill, to die/Ülni, állni, ölni, halni

To toss away this chair,

to squat in front of train,

to climb up hill with care,

to turn out the sack down dale

to feed my old spider a bee

to caress an old lady

tasty bean soup to eat

here’s the mud to tiptoe in it

on rail track to lay my lid

just to walk around the pond

to sit clothed on its bottom

to blush amidst the sparkly waves

to bloom among the sunflowers –

or just to sigh a beauty

just a fly to shoo off

and my book to dust off –

to spit in my mirror

right in the middle,

to make peace with my foes,

kill them all with swords,

to check the blood, it pours,

to watch a girl, she turns –

or to simply sit idle –

to set Budapest on fire

to wait for a bird on my crumb,

to smash my bad loaf on the ground,

get my valentine to shreak,

her little sister to squeeze,

and if accountable to the world,

to leave it, never to see me –


oh, binder, deliverer,

now this rhyme’s writer,

jokester, and lamenter,

my life, you chooser!

Lamplight/Lámpafény- # 2

Sándor Weöres: Do not lean out of the window/Kihajolni Veszélyes

Not on pad but wooden seat

I wiggled waggled on the train,

I did lean out of the window

There goes my hat in a blow.


Where does my hat wander now?

Swallowed maybe by the mire

It’s all sludgy in and out;

in reed-country frog-manor.


Running through meads freely

Somersaulting wildly

Spinning like the windmill

Swift, deft like a monkey.


Twirling in the whirlwind,

Flies up into the blue,

Rests upon the fullest moon

Gazing at the welkin.


Although it is possible

You’ve found it and carry it

But you’d never wear it

Such a worthless outfit.


Lamplight/Lámpafény – #1

Sándor Weöres: Way /Út

All comes apart in obedience

All is ambiguous in indulgence

All ripens in attentiveness

Mutual Core – Biophilia – Bjork

Mutual Core – Biophilia – Bjork.

It is the fourth week I have it in my home, a gift from a friend geographically afar but spiritually close. This album is a constant revelation.

First it was the concert, another gift from another friend geographically afar, spiritually close, where I felt invited into a castle of micro and macro secrets. I felt like my intellect and senses were abducted.

Now I listen to the album almost every day and some days I listen to one track only. Now my intellect and senses feel at home and are having a great party at each audition. But in the safety of my room all my emotions and spirituality also joined the party. They are not abducted, they eloped!

Today was the day when I took a dive in “Mutual Core“. The musical arrangement made me jump out of my skin, the organ’s deep sound made my brain invent the better gods, the lyrics softened/strengthened my heart and Bjork’s voice ruffled my spinal cord.

It sounds dangerous, over the top and dramatic, I know. Catharsis always is; makes you feel spiritually inside the essence and physically ubiquitous.

All your continents meet in your brain and veins. Your taking your own Fantastic Voyage inside yourself and you make your escape through a tear and/or sweat drop smiling.

Biophilia – Björk – MIF 10.07.2011

to Sma and Matei Vlad

It felt like a close encounter of the third kind. Björk gathered the public for her new album in small groups, closely around the place where her music emerges from classical and innovative instruments, a female choir and her own powerful voice. She moved inside that narrow circle light as a feather, barefoot and made us keep our breath in fear she might sense us and vanish like a deer or that she might hear our off-key humming and dive under like a siren. She was indeed as shy and mysterious as a deer and siren but only between songs while thanking us for our awkward and hysterical howls and whistles.

It was not a concert but a master class that gradually poured energy into the audience. This energy was finally used for a revolutionary blast. “Declare Independence” blew us up. I, at least, felt very close to a blessed heart attack.

The new album is a mass for the newly born religion, “ecologism”. Hopefully the new faith will have nothing in common with the last couple of monotheistic religions’ extremism. Björk has definitely a pantheistic approach to it so there’s some hope.

Biophilia is definitely a show worth attending, for fans and neophytes too for it is ingenious, innovative, powerful and sensual. The set list included lots of songs from previous albums, a generous treat from the artist.

This show proves it again; Björk is the main artist of the last two decades, there are few important DJs, who hadn’t remix at least one of her songs and there are also many great rock and pop artists who cannot go on in their careers without acknowledging her influence on their music.

She is to our times’ music what TGV is to the railway and the washing machine to the beetling-bat and beetling-block, though I guess she wouldn’t mind using the last ones as they are very musical and eco-friendly.

1. Thunderbolt
2. Moon
3. Crystalline
4. Hollow
5. Dark Matter
6. Hidden Place
7. Mouth’s cradle
8. Isobel
9. Virus
10. Jóga
11. Sacrifice
12. Sonnets/Unrealities
13. Where Is the Line
14. Mutual Core
15. Cosmogony
16. Solstice
17. One Day
18. Unravel
20. Declare Independence

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