Lamplight – Lámpafény#5

Ágnes Nemes Nagy: The Thirst/A Szomj

How to put it? The words cannot find my lips:
what thirst for you, plaguing me, is this?
If my body was a carnivorous flower,
falling for my scent, you’d be devoured.
It could be mine your dark and lukewarm skin,
your delicate hand you use for self-protecting
which in every crashing last minute
says it: even so, I haven’t changed a bit.
your arm bending over my arm is mine,
your hair’s glittering, dark plume is mine
and glides with me, glides like a wing
in rocking landscape, eternal, twinkling.
I would drink in your melting meat
that’s like the tropics, thick and sweet,
and your flavour’s thrilling pizzazz
that’s like ancient sage and puzzlegrass.
And your wavy soul I’ll take it all in
(it’s like a lamp over your head hovering)
I’ll take you all in greedily, insatiably
If my body was a carnivorous flower.
-But this? What else is there? I can never rest.
You love me, I love you. How hopeless.

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