Lamplight/Lámpafény #4

Lajos Kassák: Herald!/Üzenj

Come on, let’s talk come on, let’s talk
You and Me
come on, let’s talk not with sharp-edged rough but with soft
rounded words
the way we learned from lovers
almost indistinctly
the way oak leaves talk with each other.

Tell me something beautiful
so that I can tell You something beautiful.
Talk to my eyes
to my forehead
straightly to my heart
You talk to Me
and I talk to You.
From the shores of a dream, herald!
with the laughter of a newborn [herald!]
with the waves of sea [herald!]
with playful dolphins [herald!]
with the clang of bells [herald!]
with an eagle
as it floats in the blue sky. [herald!]

My little one
my imagined birdie.
You and Me
let’s talk about the world
in which we wander
never finding each other.

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