Lamplight/Lámpafény- # 2

Sándor Weöres: Do not lean out of the window/Kihajolni Veszélyes

Not on pad but wooden seat

I wiggled waggled on the train,

I did lean out of the window

There goes my hat in a blow.


Where does my hat wander now?

Swallowed maybe by the mire

It’s all sludgy in and out;

in reed-country frog-manor.


Running through meads freely

Somersaulting wildly

Spinning like the windmill

Swift, deft like a monkey.


Twirling in the whirlwind,

Flies up into the blue,

Rests upon the fullest moon

Gazing at the welkin.


Although it is possible

You’ve found it and carry it

But you’d never wear it

Such a worthless outfit.


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