Under the Skin – Jonathan Glazer

under the skinBreathtaking landscapes grow superb with a patient camera shooting them, with Johansson mysteriously moving about, drowning lust-driven men in a pitch black alien kitchenette or what the heck is that floor stands for!?!

It seems that altruism and humbleness can save your life but these only buy you extra time. The real and final protection is egoism and its primal manifestation: fear.

Basic needs like lust, greed etc are the ones that usually get you in trouble therefore all traps, alien traps as well, are based on these drives. So, think twice when an incredible good offer comes to you out of the blue.

Chanel that egoism to self-protection, get really scared then get really wild and you’ll probably see another day, at least when it comes to encounters of third kind.

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