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L’inconnu du lac – Alain Guiraudie

affiche_inconnu_du_lac_0L’inconnu du lac is a terrifying parable on lust. Lust that works as a weird hybris that defies survival instincts; the men driven by this cathartic lust pretty consciously invite death in.

Its minimalist form and content is achieved through classic rigor of image, purist rhythm of editing and discreet humoristic counterpoint in a sinister story. This way elegance is guaranteed even in the scenes and shots less expected.

One filming location and a limited number of actions: men talking, men swimming, men sunbathing, men fucking, men parking cars and men killing each other. Paradise! The murder ingredient does not make it half a paradise and does not make it a perverted paradise either. Violent death seems not to diminish the Eden-like quality of the place – not on its metaphysical level where this thriller actually sets its goals.

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