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Frances Ha – Noah Baumbach

frances haGeneration X had Reality Bites, the millennials have Frances Ha and of course what’s relevant for the hipster generation can be relevant for one or two earlier generations as well. Generations X and Y can feel totally represented.

Blurring all edges is a millennial ingredient so no millennial should complain that some reaching 40 would call Frances Ha relevant for themselves as well.

Frances Ha depicts with a delightful accuracy the new social and moral trend in which the classic recipe for a successful life and career are left behind for a more played-by-the-ear journey to adulthood.

Adulthood should not necessarily be what it used to be. The old-fashioned “let’s get married and have kids” is loosing ground big-time to “let’s keep best friends close forever”. A job is important but more important is to find the job that you love and Frances is ready to sacrifice all comfort and honorability just to try to get close to a job connected to her hobby.

Sexual impulses are definitely not as important as for generation X, the way we saw it in Reality Bites. Sexual relationships seem to be secondary to friendship; that’s somewhat noble. And being “undateable” is more like a compliment, a new slang to “really intense” or “crazy” in a rather cool way.

The choice for black-and white, the smart and playful dialogues, the joyous drifting of the characters towards being Somebody but not by all means recalls the French New Wave and when Jean-Pierre Léaud, the face of La Novelle Vague, is mentioned we know this is not a coincidence, it’s kinship.

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