Mutual Core – Biophilia – Bjork

Mutual Core – Biophilia – Bjork.

It is the fourth week I have it in my home, a gift from a friend geographically afar but spiritually close. This album is a constant revelation.

First it was the concert, another gift from another friend geographically afar, spiritually close, where I felt invited into a castle of micro and macro secrets. I felt like my intellect and senses were abducted.

Now I listen to the album almost every day and some days I listen to one track only. Now my intellect and senses feel at home and are having a great party at each audition. But in the safety of my room all my emotions and spirituality also joined the party. They are not abducted, they eloped!

Today was the day when I took a dive in “Mutual Core“. The musical arrangement made me jump out of my skin, the organ’s deep sound made my brain invent the better gods, the lyrics softened/strengthened my heart and Bjork’s voice ruffled my spinal cord.

It sounds dangerous, over the top and dramatic, I know. Catharsis always is; makes you feel spiritually inside the essence and physically ubiquitous.

All your continents meet in your brain and veins. Your taking your own Fantastic Voyage inside yourself and you make your escape through a tear and/or sweat drop smiling.


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